The Atlanta Area R2 Builders Club

Who We Are

R2We're fans basically, we just happen to like building robots from the Star Wars films.  We're a group of people who like to tinker, enjoy solving  engineering problems, and creating things out of raw material. 

Where We Are

AtlantaBy and large, most of our members are from the Atlanta Area.  We have members spread throughout the state of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina.  We've had several of our members host a 'build day' in Cartersville, GA; Woodstock, GA; Tucker, GA; and even Chattanooga, TN.

Parts Sales

All parts are sold on

The next run of resin parts is in:


Our Conventions

r4There are lot's of conventions located around the SouthEast.  As a club, we have chosen two that we will always be represented at.

  • DragonCon - the largest multi-media, pop culture convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film!
  • ConNooga - Multi-Fandom Convention. For the Fans by the Fans! Gaming, Seminars, Contests, Workshops, Bands, Celebrities, Artist, Authors and so Much More

Ardu-D2 Project

The Ardu-D2 project is an open source initiative to support the creation of an Astromech robotic control system using Arduino-based microcontrollers to provide customized control for lights, servos, sounds, and other electionics.  If you are interested in helping with this project, please check us out on Google Code and the Google Discussion Group.